Rehab Services

Vincent Bailleul has been in the equine industry for over 20 years. One aspect of the industry Vincent truly enjoys is the rehabilitation process of a horse recovering from injury, illness, trauma or training mishaps.

When Vincent is rehabbing a horse he fully dedicates himself to the horse’s needs. He is precise and consistent and follows vet directives to a tee. Vincent values and respects the veterinarian’s expertise and has dedicated himself to learning the various rehab programs for different injuries.

He finds it most gratifying to see an owner be able to ride their horse after recovery is complete and takes great pride in the guaranteed smile that follows!

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“I have had my horse at Cutler for over a year. We have gone through two rehabs, and an eye surgery. Yes, not a good year! Nonetheless, his care has been amazingly thorough at Cutler Farm with Vincent. All of us horse owners lose a lot of sleep when things aren't going well.  Knowing your horse is getting the best care you can get, helps to shorten those long nights. I am so happy that we are at Cutler.”

April 5, 2016