The team at L’Acadiane Equine and Cutler Farm are pleased to provide a full service facility that meets the varying needs of every horse and rider.

Always keeping in mind our mission of working with the “whole” equestrian athlete (horse and human alike), individualized programs are put together to help each rider meet his/her goals.
Training plans include instruction, training rides, fitness/strength training, sports psychology coaching, and supplemental bodywork.

Katie and Vincent take a true team approach to training, believing in the benefits of cross training for both horses and riders. This means dressage horses may utilize cavalletti work and fitness work on the “race course” fields with Vincent, and jumper horses may spend time focusing on their flatwork with Katie. Both Katie and Vincent want their horses and riders to be well rounded and confident in themselves.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an adult amateur trying to fit your passion in after a long day’s work, we will help you reach your riding goals!

L’Acadiane Equine at Cutler Farm takes horse care very seriously, with a genuine and unpretentious interest in the comfort, health and well being of all horses in our care. We value our ability to work […]


At L’Acadiane Equine, we specialize in providing personalized training plans for horses that emphasize balance, obedience and focus while also ensuring that the work remains enjoyable and brings out each horse’s unique strengths. Regardless of […]


Lessons may be scheduled with Katie Robicheaux or Vincent Bailleul. Ship in lessons welcome and encouraged. Coaching at competitions. Team approach, when necessary, with trainers and equine sports psychology coach.  


Vincent Bailleul has been in the equine industry for over 20 years. One aspect of the industry Vincent truly enjoys is the rehabilitation process of a horse recovering from injury, illness, trauma or training mishaps. […]

Rehab Services

Meredith Brisson
Meredith Brisson, LICSW works onsite offering individual sessions and group workshops to our riders as well as riders from the community. She works alongside our trainers to make sure that riders are supported in reaching […]

Equine Sports Psychology Coaching

Pilates Studio Cutler Farm L'Acadiane Equine Management
In keeping with our mission of being a “premier facility for the whole equestrian athlete”, we are dedicated to giving riders the tools they need to keep their bodies in peak condition in order to […]

Rider Conditioning & Bodywork