At L’Acadiane Equine at Cutler Farm we are committed to providing top-notch training and care for both our horses and the dedicated riders who are the mainstay of our vibrant training program.

Katie and Vincent have trained with top professionals in each of their respective sports and pride themselves on their unique ability to bring world-class expertise in multiple aspects of equestrian care and training. They are dedicated to developing horses and riders to their full potential – from young horses to championship partnerships in both dressage and jumping.

What sets us apart? 

  • We believe top performance is built on a foundation of both physical and mental well-being. 
  • We cater our services to the “whole” equestrian athlete – both equine and human. 
  • The bio-mechanical principles we teach are supported throughout the program by having an on-site Pilates studio with personalized instruction for stretching and strength training, having regularly scheduled appointments with supportive therapies such as MAT, massage, and continuing education opportunities throughout the year with internationally renowned coach and author, Mary Wanless.
  • We  believe mental strength and emotional well-being are vital to our riders’ success and enjoyment of the sport.  Our riders have on-site access to Equine Sports Psychology Coach, Meredith Brisson, LICSW
  • We pride ourselves in maintaining a warm, supportive, drama-free environment at the farm.

Our services include lessons, clinics, workshops and boardingcome visit!

Katie Robicheaux and Vincent Bailleul

Katie Robicheaux and Vincent Bailleul